What is the Penntek Difference??


Quick Installation

Competitive Warranty Options

Cost Effective

The Penntek Coatings difference means offering the highest-quality floor coating products and services in the floor coating industry for a lifetime of value. Durable Penntek Coatings floor systems are designed for even the toughest industrial settings. ACES Floors in Tulsa, OK, Northeast Oklahoma’s only certified Penntek garage floor coating installer, can be in and out in ONE day! Penntek Industrial Coatings offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers color changes, fading, and yellowing, as well as a 15-year Product Warranty that ensures against chips, cracks, and peeling with every garage floor coating installation.

The Penntek Advantage

Penntek is a polyurea concrete floor coating, which is customizable and highly durable. Another widely used material for garage floors, basement floors, and industrial floors is epoxy, a type of polymer that simply sits on the surface of the concrete. Penntek polyurea garage floor coating is superior to epoxy floor coating in many ways.

While epoxy floor coating can withstand tire marks, chemicals, stains, and general impact, the heat from your car can wear down an epoxy floor coating surface over time. UV heat will eventually lead to yellowing of epoxy floor coatings. Penntek polyurea floor coatings are not only more durable than epoxy floor coatings but also more flexible. The Penntek floor coating surface is also chemical resistant and can withstand the heat of our extreme Oklahoma summers. Polyurea floor coating is also UV resistant and will not yellow in the sun, making it the perfect floor finishing product for outdoor patio areas. Penntek polyurea floor coatings are also more durable against spills, scratches, and impacts, making our floor coating systems perfect for residential floors as well as industrial floors.

ACES Floors in Tulsa, OK is Northeast Oklahoma’s only Certified Penntek Installer. Penntek’s innovative garage floor coating systems are designed to be installed in one day. Our customer is able to use their newly finished floor within 24 hours, allowing them to utilize their space sooner.

While epoxy floor coating often shows wear and tear after three to five years, our polyurea garage floor coatings will last much longer, with a life expectancy of around 15 years. Because of the longevity of the product, Penntek Floor Coatings comes in ahead of epoxy in terms of cost effectiveness, and with a 15-year Residential Product Warranty and Limited Lifetime Warranty, you can rest easy knowing your Penntek polyurea floor coating will stand the test of time.

What is the Penntek Process?


For a highly-durable floor with maximum visual impact, the Chip Floor Finish is the perfect solution. The orange peel texture of this finish provides additional traction and adds a unique granite-like visual element to any size space.

Advantages of Chip Floor Finish:

  • High-gloss finish for a clean, appealing space
  • Variety of pre-tinted color options.
  • Chemical- and abrasion-resistant surface
  • Extreme adhesion with rapid cure, high-traffic durability


If you need flooring that can handle extreme temperature fluctuations, then the Solid Color Polyurea Floor Finish is for you. The unique makeup of this product allows it to hold up to freeze and thaw cycles while remaining flexible, and it offers numerous benefits to help you get the highest value for your investment:

Advantages of Solid Floor Finish: 

  • Fast 24-hour installation and cure time
  • Longest recoat window of polyurea products
  • Variety of options for color, texture, and slip-resistance
  • Hot and cold weather durability
  • Low-maintenance upkeep


Exceptional durability and resistance to chemicals is essential when it comes to flooring in your shop, and our Shop Floor Polyurea Floor Finish is built to withstand the toughest applications. The extreme resilience of this type of flooring protects both your employees and your business’s bottom line with the following benefits:

  • Uniform, slip-resistant, textured surface
  • Extreme adhesion for long-lasting durability
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Affordable, cost-effective floor finish
  • Variety of colors to match the aesthetic of your shop

Lifetime Warranty

  • Color
  • Fading
  • Yellowing

15 Year Warranty

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Peeling