About Aces Floors

Our Owner

Born and raised in Oklahoma, ACES owner Johnny Spriggs started his entrepreneurial journey at 20 years old with his own painting company. The values that led to his early success are the foundation for his thriving businesses today, including Broken Arrow Paint and ACES Floors.

ACES Expertise

Johnny and the ACES team bring a combined 60 years of experience in painting and floor coatings. They’ve spent three years perfecting a process that withstands Oklahoma’s extreme weather, establishing significant expertise.

Why Choose ACES

ACES offers Penntek Coating finishing systems known for their durability, rapid installation, and customization options. Our Retroplate floor coatings, quickly installed and eco-friendly, transform dull and porous concrete into durable, high-gloss floors used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. We also use the Ashford Formula, a concrete densifier and sealer, to enhance concrete durability and wear resistance.

Our Advantage

Our exceptional floor coating systems reflect our name, ACES, as our services beat ALL the rest!